Business Jet Hire

Business Jet Hire

Private Jet Charter for Business

Business jet hire is the ultimate way to ensure teams are placed around the world exactly when and where they are needed. Without the expensive of private jet ownership and the unreliability of commercial airlines, private jet charter for business is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of jet travel without any of the drawbacks.

Jetify offer a full private jet hire service for businesses meaning your very own personal account manager as standard plus additional extras like accommodation and transfers should you require. Our mission is to ensure you spend minimal time looking for and booking flights and spend more time doing what you do best. Simply tell your account manager you need to fly from here to there on this date, you’ll need a hotel for two nights and transfers, and Jetify will arrange everything on your behalf.

Businesses like your rely on logistics to ensure you are performing exactly how you expect. You need transport to work seamlessly to allow you to be where you need to be on time, every time. Jet travel doesn’t need to be asking your assistant to find and book a flight, finding the best airline, availability and needing to find a taxi on the day of your flight. Jetify makes business jet travel simple and effective with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

Wide choice of departures and destinations

Jetify are pleased to offer a wide range of departures and destinations from almost all major airports. Whether you are looking to fly domestically or internationally, Jetify can arrange flights across America and Canada, the UK and Europe, Asia, Russia and beyond.

We understand business is global, and we are too. There should be nothing stopping you from reaching your destination in the swiftest, most convenient way possible and Jetify endeavours to ensure your flight is nothing short of exceptional.

Luxury business jets as standard

As standard, Jetify offer the very best and very latest jets from some of the worlds most prestigious luxury jet manufacturers including Gilstream, Bombardier and Boeing. A range of planes are offered in a wide variety of sizes, so whether it is for single occupancy or for a group, we are confident we have the aircraft to suit your needs.

All business jets are the perfect place to hold meetings, catch up with colleagues at your offices or for use as downtime before of after your meetings. Jetify jets are comfortable, well equipped and some even offer separate sleeping quarters should you require.

Personal account manager

To ensure your flight is nothing short of perfect, you will be assigned a personal account manager. Your single point of contact will always be on hand by email or phone should you need them at any time and will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have. They are also available at the time of booking to arrange any additional extras you may require such as hotels or transport to or from the airport.

This concierge style service comes as standard with every Jetify booking and no request is too big or too small. Where possible, we endeavour to ensure every reasonable request is fulfilled to give you confidence that your travel arrangements are completely covered.

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All quotes are created based on your unique requirements. We endeavour to supply your quote the next business day.

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jetify vip

exceptional as standard

At Jetify, we only focus on the best. We pride ourselves in offering the best service in the world, offering the best convenience and providing only the very best aircraft. Therefore as standard with every booking, you'll be classed as a Jetify VIP client and receive access to:



Personal account manager


5 star as standard


Luxurious transport


No request too big or small


Unlimited options


Always exceptional

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Jetify are committed to offering the world's best aviation experiences. Should you wish to enquire about booking a flight or have further questions regarding our services, please contact us below. We endeavour to respond swiftly.

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