Private Jet Group Charter

Private Jet Group Charter

Hire a private jet for a group flight

Group private jet hire opens up the world to you and your fellow passengers to travel on your terms anywhere you want at any time you want. With your very own private jet at your disposal, you are in full control and are no longer limited by commercial airlines’ own schedules, you can finally break free and travel exactly how you please.

Charter a private jet and take your loved ones with you on a journey of a lifetime, impress clients as you have meetings 30,000ft in the air or organise your own journeys with paying customers of your own. Hiring a private jet for a group gives you numerous options with how you use your time in the sky and what the flight will be all about.

As with every Jetify flight, your personal account manager will be able to assist in arranging any additional extras you may require. Whether that be accommodation, transfers or anything else, no request is too big or too small. Your account manager will endeavour to make every reasonable request happen to ensure your flight is nothing short of exceptional; your complete satisfaction is always our main priority.

Charter your own group flight

Whether you wish to treat your friends and family to a trip of a life time, or to simplify travel arrangements instead of trying to book multiple seats on a commercial flight, private jet hire makes perfect sense. With a range of departures and destinations available all over the world, as well as a large roster of private jets with room to accommodate groups of all sizes, your own private jet charter is the ideal way to fly the people you care about in exceptional comfort and on your terms.

That special holiday, a special event or simply to gather everyone together for a memorable journey, a private jet charter for groups is all about bringing people together. Jetify cater for groups of all sizes, from 10 people or less to 25 people or more, and as with every Jetify flight, your personal account manger is always on hand for your every need.

Alternatively, hire your own private jet for business purposes and take your clients to visit your operations, to a conference or to simply have a meeting in the sky. Nothing compares to a flight in a private jet, so make the most of Jetify and use your group booking as you wish.

Private jet hire for groups

Ideal for those who run their own travel businesses or work in the travel industry, hire a private jet from Jetify and create your own product for your customers. Whether it be to add flights to your existing travel arrangements and to be in control over departures and destinations or to perhaps take your clients to places of interest you have already organised, private jet hire is an exceptional way to enhance your business model and to impress your clients.

Jets of all sizes are available for private hire, meaning limited seats will be empty ensuring you maximise your profits. And with bookings available all year round and tailored to clients individual requests, you can be sure you are not simply seeing a price that is available to everyone regardless of their requirements. You’ll be receiving a service that has been created for your very needs.

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At Jetify, we only focus on the best. We pride ourselves in offering the best service in the world, offering the best convenience and providing only the very best aircraft. Therefore as standard with every booking, you'll be classed as a Jetify VIP client and receive access to:



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