Sky Card Private Jet Membership

Private Jet Membership

Fly beyond first class with Sky Card membership

The Jetify Sky Card Private Jet Membership is for those who travel on their own terms. Skip every queue, receive every benefit and much, much more, all as standard. Limited in numbers and reserved only for clients who request it, Sky Card opens not only doors, but the world to those who seek unrivalled levels of service and convenience. With more and more discovering the benefits of private jet travel, it’s time to put yourself first in-line, to have first choice on every flight and to receive every possible extra with every flight you take.

For a fixed annual fee, you’ll be granted a wealth of extras as standard and also benefit from discounted travel for the duration of your membership, making budgeting for your private flights easier to manage and exceptional value.

There is no fixed membership cost for the Jetify Sky Card. We tailor every membership to meet the exact requirements of that client to ensure they are receiving the best possible service and that Sky Card meets their requirements. To request membership and for a personal membership annual cost, contact our Sky Card service team

Sky Card membership includes:

Personal Account Manager

You will be assigned a personal account manager who you simply call or email whenever you need. Whether for booking flights, requesting extras or simply gaining information, your personal account manager is always on hand to deal with your every request. They will organise everything for you, and the more you use them, the more they will understand your travel requirements and the more seamless the processes will become. Our goal is to be at the end of your smart device whenever you need us and for us to know exactly what you want, leaving you to simply enjoy your journey.

Priority service

All clients are important to us, but those with Sky Cards are our main priority as they have demonstrated their passion for private flight. We endeavour to return emails within one working day, most often the same day, all Sky Card bookings are accelerated through the booking process and any additional requirements are organised within one working day. A Sky Card not only gives you access to the skies, but access to the Jetify priority team who’s only goal is to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

Preferential choice

As a Sky Card holder, you will be given preferential choice of all bookings and extras, meaning should a flight be in high demand, you’ll be put before any non-Sky Card members to maximise your chances of booking. Should there be a choice of aircraft available, you’ll also be given first choice of which you’d like. Alternatively, we’ll select the most luxurious or of a higher class as standard. This includes extras like hotels and transfers; as standard we endeavour to offer five-star bookings as standard and luxury private transfers between the airport and your destination.

Discounted flights

As standard, all flights you book using your Sky Card will be subject to a generous discount, depending on availability, flights and other factors. Savings vary depending on the flights you choose, but at Jetify we pride ourselves on offering the best possible prices for private flights accompanied with exceptional service as standard.

Preferential hotels & transfers

Should you require hotels and/or transfers for your journey, Sky Card members automatically are given a preferential choice. In the instance accommodation is limited for example, Sky Card members will automatically be given preferential choice, and in the rare instance that only a hotel beyond your given budget is available, your Sky Card membership will cover the cost of the complimentary upgrade.

Reduced notice

As a Sky Card member, Jetify only require a minimum of two working days’ notice in order to fulfil your booking. Once you are set up with your personal account manager, this process becomes even swifter and more convenient as you contact a familiar person who is aware of your travel preferences and has all your details ready to hand. In some instances, bookings can be confirmed much sooner than two working days.

Sky Card for Business

As an employer, your team need to be exactly where you need them, when you need them. Commercial flights not always reliable and the cost of private jet ownership exceptionally high, the Jetify Sky Card is an exceptional way to ensure your employees are where they are supposed to be with maximum convenience.

As an employee, you know the importance of being where you are needed, when you are needed. Whether that be to meet clients or investors, time doesn’t stop so you need to make the most of every minute of your day. Sky Card reduces the time required to book flights and accommodation and puts you an email or phone call away from having everything arranged.

Sky Card for Leisure

Forthose who fly on their own terms, Sky Card is the perfect investmentfor luxury travel all over the world. When the cost of owning a jetdoes not make financial sense and commercial travel does not appeal,the Jetify Sky Card ensures you are enjoying the same benefits ofprivate jet ownership without the associated costs. In the same wayas if it were your own plane, choose where and when you travel, withthe added benefit of hotels and transfers booked for you should youwish, all for a fraction of the cost and with added convenience.

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