L39 Fighter Jet in New York

Fly a Fighter Jet in New York

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Take to the skies in the L39 Albatros fighter jet

Take to the skies in the flight of your life in the aweseom, aggresive but agile L-39 Albaros fighter jet. You will even have the chance to fly this fighter jet over New York, a fighter jet that is still in use by many militaries across the world today. The L-39 Albatros is not only used as a fighter but is also used as a military display jet and now you have a chance to try it out for yourself.

What's included

  • Take to the controls yourself and fly a fighter jet in New York
  • Full safety briefing and flight plan with a fighter pilot
  • Experience real combat manoeuvres
  • Have a souvenir photo taken with the pilot the L-39 fighter jet
  • Flight certificate
  • Post-flight drink

The day of your flight

It's time for you to experience the flight of your life in this fighter jet flight in New York. You will be met at the airport in New York state by your fighter jet pilot, who will take you to the briefing room where you go through your flight programme and discuss the L-39 Albatros aircraft in detail, in order for you to be familiar with what to expect once in the cockpit.

You can choose to undertake a relaxed briefing or alternatively, you can select to undergo the fully loaded Air Force programme, which will give you a much more dramatic build up to the fighter jet flight in New York. There'll be a comprehensive briefing taking into account all safety equipment and procedures, you will then be fitted with your flight suit and helmet. Whilst you have been in your fighter jet briefing, a team of technicians have been hard at work preparing the L-39 Albatros for your fighter jet experience in New York. You'll soon step into the cockpit of the L-39 fighter jet and the ground crew will be at hand to make any adjustments required to your restraints. Now that you are in the aircraft the fighter pilot will once again go through the controls with you, as being in the L39 is very different from the briefing in a classroom. The intercom will be tested and you will obtain clearance from the control tower for takeoff. Then is a brief look at the runway as the L39 Albatros speeds down it and before you know it you are thousands of feet in the air taking part in several combat manoeuvres. Typical manoeuvres you will experiece during your fighter jet flight in New York include loops, split-S, rolls, dives, extreme low passes, steep ascent, immelmann and possibly a tail-chase. You can select from either a 30 minute, 45 minute fighter jet flight or for the 60 minute fighter jet flight in New York, once you've completed your flight, you will de-breif, take a photo with the L39 fight jet and your fighter jet pilot before receiving your flight certificate and enjoy a well earned drink.

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