Fly a Fighter Jet in the Alps

S211 Jet Flight in the Alps

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Fly a Fighter Jet in Germany

Tremendous Alpine Jet Flight near Munich

Starting from Bavaria – about 30 min from Munich – you can experience the Aermacchi S.211 in an action-packed jet flight in the stunningly beautiful Alps of South Germany. Thanks to access to a military training area, you can experience not only breakneck aerobatics and military maneuvers but also low-level flying in the incredible mountain landscape of the South German Alps. Visualize you flying through a narrow valley at a high speed and low altitude.

It simply doesn’t get better than that. Actually, it does, the pilot has a few more aces up his sleeves. For example a giant loop with 8000ft circumference. You will feel the G’s there!

Flying the Aermacchi S.211

The Aermacchi S-211 is an Italian turbofan-powered light attack aircraft and military jet trainer. It was recently developed into the fairly similar-looking Aermacchi M-345, the first production aircraft that had its maiden flight in 2018. The Italian Airforce will replace not only its MB-339 with it but also those of the celebrated Italian Frecce Tricolori aerobatic display team. Both aircraft are compact two-seaters with the same characteristic shoulder-wing monoplane design, giving them full aerobatic capability and excellent flight characteristics. And there is of course no better place in the world to experience those flight characteristics than over, between, and around mountains!

Limits and requirements

To meet safety requirements, there is a height limit of 2.00m (6’7) and a weight limit of up to

110kg (240lbs) to qualify for a flight. If you are close to these numbers, please get in touch with us.

What's included

30min flight program

During the short 30min flight, with Airspace up to 9,500ft, you can expect:




Steep dives/climbs



High-Speed Low Pass

60min flight program

Airspace up to 25,000ft

Flight in the Alps incl. Low Level

High Speed Low Level

High Altitude Acrobatics

Stick-Time for the Student in high Altitude

Tactics and Military Maneuvers




Vertical dives/climbs

Loops 400kts/8000ft Diameter





Inverted Flight


High-Speed Low Pass

The day of your flight

Real G-Suit

During the flight, you will be wearing a G-suit and an oxygen mask. Yeah, just like a real pilot!

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