fighter jet experiences

Fighter Jet Experiences

fighter jet flights worldwide

take to the skies in an authentic military jet

Jetify offer the unique opportunity to fly a genuine military fighter plane across several countries worldwide. An experience comparable to nothing else, you will be feel what very few people in the world will ever feel; adrenaline in its purest form.

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MiG-35 Fighter Jet

fly a real fighter jet

why choose a fighter jet experience

Only a lucky few ever get to experience the joy of free-flight. Even less experience the agility, the speed & the spectacular views only a fighter jet can provide. Jetify are offering the opportunity for you to join the ranks and become a fighter pilot for a day. You will experience some of the most advanced aircraft in the world and join the few to have flown them.

Come away from your experience with new emotions, memories you will treasure forever and stories everyone will want to hear.

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Fighter Jet Flight Locations

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fighter jet experiences worldwide

Finding a fighter jet flight conveniently located near you is simple with Jetify. With an exceptional range of fighter jet experiences located across North America, Europe, Asia and beyond, you're never too far away from the experience of a lifetime.

New aircraft and locations are being added regularly. Be sure to contact us with any special requests.

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Fighter Jet Cockpit

prepare for take off

booking your fighter jet flight is easy

A fighter jet may be a complex machine, but experiencing one is simple. Jetify are specialists in unique aviation experiences and handle the entire booking to ensure your flight is nothing short of exceptional. Simply choose the plane or location that suits you and our concierge service will be in touch to confirm your booking and arrange any additional requirements you may have.

Transfers. Hotels. Extras. Anything you require Jetify will handle.

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Fighter Jet Hangar

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Jetify have access to some of the most sought-after fighter jets in the world. From modern classics such as the MiG-29 to ultra-agile jets such as the L-39 Albatros, explore the diverse range of planes available.

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jetify vip

exceptional as standard

At Jetify, we only focus on the best. We pride ourselves in offering the best service in the world, offering the best convenience and providing only the very best aircraft. Therefore as standard with every booking, you'll be classed as a Jetify VIP client and receive access to:



Personal account manager


5 star as standard


Luxurious transport


No request too big or small


Unlimited options


Always exceptional

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Jetify are committed to offering the world's best aviation experiences. Should you wish to enquire about booking a flight or have further questions regarding our services, please contact us below. We endeavour to respond swiftly.

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