Fly a MiG-15 fighter jet in the Czech Republic

Fly a MiG-15 fighter jet in the Czech Republic

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Fighter jet flights in a MiG-15 Fagot

A rare opportunity to fly an authentic military MiG-15 fighter jet in Prague and experience exactly what these incredible machines are capable of. Very few ever get to feel what it’s like to fly a real life fighter jet, but Jetify are offering you the chance to do just that in an iconic MiG-15 Fagot.

One of the earlier fighter jets, and at the time one of the most deadly, the MiG-15 is a small and nimble fighter that technically engaged in the first known jet-vs-jet combat taking the win. It’s small size makes it incredibly agile with its swept wing design, making it ideal to experience just what these sorts of aircraft are capable of.

This flight is completely tailored to you meaning you choose what you do once up in the sky. You choose how much G-force you want to pull and what manoeuvres you’d like to experience. You can even request to take the stick and fly the MiG for yourself.

Possible manoeuvres include:

  • High-speed, low-level passes
  • High climbs and dives
  • Tail slides
  • Loops
  • Rolls

This flight lasts for 20 minutes.

What's included

  • Full briefing before flight
  • Safety briefing and familiarity with the aircraft
  • Meet the pilot to discuss what you want to do
  • Full use of authentic flight suit
  • Photo opportunity after flight
  • Relaxed drink with the pilot after

The total experience time is around three hours.

Ensuring your day is nothing but perfect, Jetify are able to arrange any additional requirements you may have, such as flights, accommodation and transfers, on your behalf. Creating your own personalised package ensures you can concentrate on enjoying your flight while you leave the organisation of hotels, taxis and anything else you may require to us. Should you have any requests, no matter how big or small, contact us before booking or mention it to your account manager after booking.

The day of your flight

As you arrive at the pre-planned airbase, you’ll will be taken through some initial security checks before making your way to meet your pilot. Here you will be able to discuss exactly what you wish to achieve during your flight as well as a safety briefing. Once you have put on your flight suit, you will then make your way to your MiG-15 where you will be familiarised with the cockpit.

After your flight, you will have the opportunity to take photos, explore the aircraft up-close and usually end with a relaxed drink with your pilot.

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