Edge of Space Fighter Jet Flight

Edge of Space Fighter Jet Flight

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Fly to the edge of space in a MiG-29

The ultimate experience in the world, fly to the edge of space & be one of only a few humans who ever get to see the curvature of the earth for themselves. See both the stars & the earth at the same time as you fly in a MiG-29 fighter jet up to 22km up into the sky. Only astronauts and those on the International Space Station will fly higher. This is a once-in-a-lifetime flight that guarantees lasting memories.

One of the only places in the world where you’ll ever get this close to space, climb aboard your MiG-29 Fulcrum, an authentic military fighter jet with a top speed of Mach 2.25 and a cost of $22 million. Capable of a wide range of aerobatic manoeuvres, you’ll be accelerating up into the atmosphere to heights very few humans will ever reach. Here you’ll be treated to a view that is not comparable with anything else. This is truly a unique experience and one that anyone who truly wants to live should try at least once in their lifetime.

As well as flying to exceptional heights, you’ll also be able to see what the MiG-29 is capable of. You’ll even have the opportunity to take the controls yourself. Every flight is tailor made to your requirements, so you’ll fly as far and pull as much G as you wish.

Possible manoeuvres include:

  • Accelerated vertical climbing
  • High speed low level flying
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier
  • Climb to the max altitude
  • Immelman
  • Loops
  • Rolls
  • Split-S

This flight is 50 minutes long.

What's included

  • Pick-up from your hotel lobby
  • Medical check-up
  • Full introduction
  • Chance to discuss what you want to do with the pilot
  • Full use of authentic flight suit
  • Photo opportunity after flight
  • Refreshments after flight
  • Visit to airbase museum
  • Transfer back to your hotel
  • Flight certificate
  • Optional video

Hotels and transfers can be organised on your behalf by Jetify. We are able to build a bespoke package to meet your requirements, no request is too big or too small. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

The day of your flight

On the big day of your flight, you’ll be collected from your hotel lobby and greeted by our translator. They will be on hand with you right up until you step into your MiG to ensure everything is fully understood. The whole team are incredibly professional and friendly, so you can be sure you’ll be in good hands the whole time.

You’ll be driven to the airbase, and after some security checks, you’ll transfer to a military vehicle and taken to meet your pilot. Here you will be able to discuss what you would like to achieve during your flight as well as an initial briefing. Following this, you’ll be given a quick unintrusive medical before putting on your authentic flight suit.

Then climb into your MiG-29 before taking off for your 50 minute flight. After performing manoeuvres and reaching the edge of space, you’ll come back down to earth where you’ll have the opportunity to take photos and enjoy refreshments as well as a visit to the museum on-site. As your day comes to a close, you’ll be taking back directly to your hotel.

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