Fly an L-29 Delfin fighter jet in Slovakia

Fly an L-29 Delfin fighter jet in Slovakia

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Fighter jet flight experience in Slovakia

A unique opportunity to fly an L-29 Delfin fighter jet in Slovakia with Jetify. Experience what some people will only ever dream of and feel what it’s like to be in a fighter jet as you perform aerobatic manoeuvres and fly at incredible speeds. The L-29 Delfin is a compact and agile fighter jet that is widely used as a training aircraft. Due to it’s compact size and ease of flying, you will even be able to take the stick and fly the jet yourself.

The L-29 is a small, simply aircraft that makes it ideal for experiencing exactly what these machines are capable of. Sitting behind the pilot in an elevated position, you’ll have an exceptional view of the world as it speeds by. Being simply to fly means that when at altitude, you’ll also be able to take the controls and say that you have flown a fighter jet yourself.

All flights are completely customisable, meaning when in the air you will experience exactly what you want to achieve. Should you not wish to pull extreme G-forces, that’s completely up to you. This is your flight and you say exactly what you want to do.

Possible manoeuvres include:

  • High-speed, low-level passes
  • High climbs and dives
  • Tail-chase
  • Split-S
  • Loops
  • Rolls

This flight is available with a choice of:

20 minute flight
30 minute flight

What's included

  • Full briefing before flight
  • Safety briefing and familiarity with the aircraft
  • Meet the pilot to discuss what you want to do
  • Full use of authentic flight suit
  • Photo opportunity after flight
  • Relaxed drink with the pilot after

The total experience time is around three hours.

We want to ensure that you fully enjoy your flight, which is why Jetify is committed to going above and beyond. Should you require anything additional such as flights, hotels or transfers, we are able to put together a bespoke package and endeavour to meet all your requirements. Simply contact us before booking or speak to your account manager after booking.

The day of your flight

You’ll arrive at the pre-planned airbase usually in the morning where you’ll run through some initial security checks before meeting your pilot. Here you’ll be able to discuss exactly what you want to achieve during your flight as well as the possibility of flying the aircraft for yourself. Next, you’ll be given your flight suit, gloves and helmet before making your way to your L-29 Delfin.

After a briefing over the cockpit, you’ll take off for your flight. Once you have landed, you will have the opportunity to take photos, explore the aircraft up-close and usually enjoy a relaxed drink with your pilot.

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